Which of These Drainage Solutions Should You Consider?

Ask the pros in Eighty Four & Bethel Park, PA about French drains and HydroBlox systems

The water table in the Eighty Four and Bethel Park, PA areas has risen so much in recent years that natural springs are popping up everywhere, leaving yards looking swampy.
We use the correct drainage option for your specific issue and application. These typically are the traditional French drain, or the Hydro Blox system. Once properly installed, a French drain or Hydro Blox system can redirect excess water away from low-lying areas.

The crew at Koenig's Landscaping, LLC is licensed, insured and well-qualified to install your choice of drainage systems.

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Dealing with a damp basement?

Sealing your basement and installing an exterior French drain can keep moisture away from your foundation. We'd be glad to give you a free upfront estimate on these services - simply contact our team in Eighty Four or Bethel Park, PA now.